Relaunch Proud Foundation

The Proud Foundation has been dedicated to improving lives, and in the past has offered programming to help people pick up tools to improve their prospects through education and work. As we look to the people we can impact, it has become clear that one of our founding visions – opportunity for veterans – has become an even more stark need over time. The nature of work is changing, and transitioning from military service to a successful career has changed even more quickly.

We are preparing a re-focusing of our work for this community, and we welcome your help. We need to raise support for the creation and launch of specific tools to help veterans transition to successful employment, whether that be traditional jobs, self-employment in the gig economy, or creating their own business. Your contribution will be the seed that grows opportunity for the next generation of veterans!

We need your help!  Please contact us today to join our outreach efforts and help raise the funds we need to relaunch our work for a better future for America’s Veterans! Our outreach teams will help spread the word about our work, and connect us with supporters to make this possible.