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Why Veterans Commit Suicide
"Some Veterans find that they feel numb and lose interest in things they used to enjoy. Others start to feel[...]
The Real Reasons Veterans Have Problems Outside The Military
Talk to ten people and you'll get ten different opinions about the true cause of why our veterans struggle.  But[...]
5 Reasons Why Employers Are Bi-Passing Vets
"...conducted interviews with 87 individuals from 69 companies to find out why this may be the case, from an employer[...]
Did The Government Just Lie About Student Debt Forgiveness?
Just when we thought we heard enough lies from our government, could it be that they strike again?  Let's hope[...]
The Raw Truth About Student Loans (What You Weren’t Told)
The Raw Truth About Student Loans (What You Weren't Told)___TVE_SHORTCODE_RAW__The Live Your Dream Foundation [Proud Foundation Inc.] is a 501[...]
Special Report: The Real Cost Of Student Loans
Special Report: The Real Cost Of Student Loans by Staff Curator | Dec 2, 2016 | Student Loan Solutions |[...]
Student Loan? The No-Payment Solution You Were never Offered
Student Loan? The No-Payment Solution You Were never OfferedBy Tom Hitchens, CEO The Proud Foundation Inc. ( Live Your Dream[...]
9 Ways To Student Loan Debt FORGIVENESS No One Told You About
​9 Ways To Student Loan Debt FORGIVENESS No One Told You AboutBy Tom Hitchens, CEO The Proud Foundation Inc. ([...]
Financial Aid Tricks To Avoid Student Loans Altogether (Just Discovered)
Financial Aid Tricks To Avoid Student Loans Altogether (Just Discovered)The Live Your Dream Foundation [Proud Foundation Inc.] is a 501[...]
15 Business Lessons Not Taught In School
What reasons, other than financial, make you want to become an entrepreneur? By: Will Lipovsky ( - You’ll learn a lot of invaluable lessons[...]
How Far Is Too Far To Resolve Student Debt
Should school closure be a legitimate reason to cancel student debt? By Danielle Douglas-Gabriel( -  Former students at ITT Technical Institutes[...]
3 Times You Might Need A Financial Advisor
Have you needed the advice of a financial advisor? by MIRANDA MARQUIT( - You can probably do better financially by managing[...]
7 Effective Personal Finance Tactics For Entrepreneurs
What financial advice would you give to a new small business owner? By: Serenity Gibbons ( - I distinctly remember the first business[...]
Did You Major In DEBT?
Do you believe free education is the answer? By: Patrice L. Onwuka ( -  Move-in day for freshmen at Tufts[...]
10 Tips To Improve Your Personal Finance Skills
How well do you control your finances? By: Joanna Nesbit ( - No matter how practiced we are at managing our[...]
Are Low Interest Rates Hurting, Or Helping Us?
How have low interest rates affected your finances? By: Mark Avallone ( - To raise or not to raise? That has been the[...]
6 Common Mistakes People Make With Student Loans
Have you made any of these mistakes? By Anne Tergesen ( - As millennials struggle to repay record levels of[...]
4 Retirement Plans Geared To The Self-Employed
How are you saving for your retirement as a self-employed person? By: Sean Williams( - Planning for retirement is arguably one[...]
Why Student Debt Matters
Will you be passing student loan debt on to your heirs?  By: JOSH BOAK ( - THE ISSUE: More Americans are[...]
6 Ways To Safeguard Your Personal Financial Information
How do you keep your financial information safe? By: Martha C. White ( - The Wells Fargo scandal that got more than 5,000 employees fired[...]
Want To Become Filthy Rich? Ignore These 52 Lies
What are your beliefs about building wealth? BY ROY HUFF ( - Most people would like to become filthy rich. The thing is,[...]
How Student Loan Servicers Put Borrowers At Risk
It doesn't say much for the Department of Education, does it? By Donna Rosato ( - Student loan payments are hard[...]
9 Stress-Reducing Facts About Money
Does money top the list of your stressors? by JOSHUA BECKER ( According to a recent survey, 71% of Americans identify money as[...]
The Gaping Hole Between Job Openings And Actual Hiring
Have you noticed this trend in your area? By: JOSH ZUMBRUN ( - One of the labor market’s biggest mysteries just got deeper:[...]
3 Beliefs You Must Ditch To Be Successful
Is fear blocking your success? By: Murray Newlands ( - “The good news is that the moment you decide that what[...]
How To Find Time To Focus On Your Money
How much time are you wasting each day? by Holly Johnson ( - For the most part, most of us know how[...]
How Student Loan Debt Strains Family Relationships
Has student loan debt created chaos in your family? By: Lauren Gensler  ( -  Alex Lykos doesn’t like to think[...]
Money-Saving Habits That Are A Waste Of Time
Another Piece To The Student Loan Crisis Puzzle
Student loans are too easy to obtain, and college degrees are too expensive. What are your thoughts? by Shaun Plum ([...]
11 Myths That Hinder Budding Entrepreneurs
Are crazy myths holding you back? by Roderick Kelly ( - I had the itch. I had a great idea and the[...]
4 Ways To Protect Your Money From Inflation
HOW ARE YOU SAFEGUARDING YOUR MONEY? By Damian Davila ( - Back in January 1980, when Jimmy Carter was President and Michael[...]
Why Student Loans Are Harder To Write Off Than Credit-Card Debt
What options have you tried to resolve your student debt? By: Neal Hutchens and Richard Fossey ( - Outstanding student loan debt[...]
2 Reasons You Don’t Need Funding For A New Business
How much do you believe it will cost to launch your business? By: Doug and Polly White ( - Recently, we were speaking to[...]
5 Strategies For Paying Off Student Debt Faster
6 Ways To Become A Recovering Spender
ARE YOU CONFUSED BY NUMBERS? By: Lauren Greutman( - They say money is easy, it is just numbers — but what if[...]
Wealth Building Advice Just For Moms
Moms: How well do you handle your finances? By: Tim Grant, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ( - Children are not only expensive —[...]
6 Things To Consider Before Co-Signing A Private Student Loan
Have you co-signed on a student loan? By Farran Powell ( - Many students need help covering the cost of college,[...]
8 Reasons Every Entrepreneur Needs A Branded Email Address
Did you forget to include a business email when setting up your business? By Amelia Willson ( -  Congratulations, you've done[...]
What You Can’t Purchase With Amazon Prime
Would you apply for a student loan through Amazon? By ANNAMARIA ANDRIOTIS ( - That was quick. A partnership between and Wells[...]
5 Ways To Double Your Money, Fast
HAVE YOU FOUND A WAY TO INCREASE YOUR SAVINGS? By: Megan Elliott ( - Millennial savings accounts are in trouble. Less than[...]
8 Cost Free Habits Of Wealthy People
Do you have daily habits that will help you become wealthy? By: Janet Miller ( - Do you know the habits of[...]
Why You Never Have As Much Money As You Think You Do
SOUND FAMILIAR? By Tex Freitag ( - It’s a common experience for millions of people to take a peek at the bank[...]
7 Popular Student Loan Refinancing Options
Do you know what to look for when refinancing student loans? By Enero Febrero ( - It’s a sad reality that most[...]
How A Currency Crisis Develops
Are we too late, or can we turn things around? By Sabado Domingo ( - When a speculative attack occurs in the[...]
Why The Desperate And Confused Become Easy Prey
Why are student loans so confusing? By: Jillian Berman ( - If you’ve ever received a phone call, Facebook ad, Twitter notification[...]
4 Less Well-Known Ways To Build Wealth
Business Owners: Pony Up Or Pay The Price
As a small business owner, will you find yourself in this situation? By: Jennifer Friedman ( - There is approximately $1.31[...]
11 Rules To Getting Rich After 50
ARE YOU TRYING TO INCREASE YOUR WEALTH LATER IN LIFE? By: - In a free market economy the ultimate goal is[...]
7 Mistakes First-Time Entrepreneurs Make
Will you be able to avoid these mistakes? By Brian D. Evans ( - I have mentored 100s of first-time entrepreneurs over[...]
Why We Need To Simplify Student Loan Repayment Programs
Were you aware that there were so many repayment options available? By Jack Remondi ( - Americans navigating the student loan[...]
4 Habits You Need To Become A Better Entrepreneur
What habits do you feel are important for success? By Pejman Ghadimi ( - After I built my third seven-figure business, one[...]
How Student Loan Debt Affects Retail Sales
How has student loan debt affected your spending habits? By: Krystina Gustafson ( - Out of whack weather, gluttonous inventories and changing[...]
4 Things Debt-Free People Don’t Do
IS YOUR GOAL TO BE DEBT-FREE? By: Sheiresa Ngo ( - Are your bills piling up in a corner on your desk? Is[...]
7 Expenses To Expect On Your Entrepreneurial Journey
Have you factored these expenses into your business plan? By Obinna Morton ( - Before making even one penny off of your[...]
The Muddled Mess Of Policing Student Loan Companies
Who's running the show here? By: Shahien Nasiripour ( - An American defaulted on a student loan direct from the U.S. Department[...]
How To Master Your Debt Like A Maze Runner
DO YOU HAVE A STRATEGY FOR GETTING OUT OF DEBT? By Tim Lemke ( - Have you ever been inside one of[...]
How One Major Student Loan Provider Duped Thousands
Wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall when some of these policies where crafted? By Ashlee Kieler ([...]
8 Reasons Women Are Better Than Men At Business
Where do you stand in this debate? by Francesca Coleman Carr ( -  I know, I know. It’s a bit[...]
How To Cut Years Off Your Student Loan Repayment
Are you applying extra payments to your student loan debt? By: Andrew Josuweit ( - With the average student loan debt creeping[...]
10 Strategies For Creating Passive Income
Have you created a source of passive income for yourself? By Kevin ( - So 2015, was a great year in the[...]
Why We Will Always Need Cash
Could you survive without cash? By: Amber Murakami-Fester, NerdWallet ( -  In snow-swept Sweden, the rise of mobile payments is[...]
8 Tips For Effective Retirement And Tax Planning
Is your financial future secure? By Rick Pendykoski ( - The future is unpredictable, especially when it comes to your finances.[...]
6 Student Loan Mistakes You May Have Already Made
Have some of these mistakes added to your student loan debt? by Jeff Rose ( -  Every time I read the[...]
How To Make Better Financial Decisions
What is your process when making any important financial decisions? by Allan Roth ( - As a financial planner, I[...]
7 Things NOT To Do If You Want To Be Successful
Are any of these bad habits wasting your valuable time? By RahisSaifi ( - Being successful is a matter of cultivating one[...]
Why Personal Financial Failure Can Be A Good Thing
Has a glitch in your finances helped you make positive changes? By: Sam Becker, ( - Just about everybody experiences[...]
The Lies Student Loan Borrowers Believe
Have you paid fees to a debt relief company? By Mark Huffman ( - Back during the foreclosure crisis, debt relief companies took to[...]
How To Be Both Rich And Happy
Do you belief that money can buy happiness? By Brian D. Evans ( - The more money you have, of course the[...]
5 Ways To Become The Most Trusted Figure In Your Industry
Are you attracting the right opportunities? By: Sadia Suhail ( - Do you want to become one of the most trusted[...]
10 Ways You Disrespect Your Finances
How are you disrespecting your money? By Paul Michael( - If you look after your money, it will look after you.[...]
Where We May Be Headed With Student Loan Debt
Is this the answer, to completely writing off student loan debt? By: DANIEL PIANKO ( -  As this newspaper reported in April, “43% of the[...]
8 Statistics That Show How Americans Struggle With Money
How many of these numbers can you relate to? by Holly Johnson ( - When it comes to managing our money, Americans have[...]
How To Start A Business While Juggling Student Loan Debt
Do you have the right mindset to handle student loan debt while pursuing your own business? By Andrew Josuweit ( -[...]
5 Tips To Protect Yourself From Financial Fraud
ARE YOU TAKING THE RIGHT STEPS TO PROTECT YOUR FINANCES? By: Debbie Carlson ( - A day does not go by[...]
One Tiny Habit That Can Lead To Wealth
DO YOU HAVE WEALTH BUILDING HABITS THAT YOU STICK TO? By: CHRIS REINING ( - In my teens and early twenties social anxiety[...]
Why Students Need To Be Financially Literate
 Whose job is it to education new college students when it comes to student loans? By Catherine P. Montalto and Anne[...]
5 Times Delaying Retirement Savings Is Justifiable
HAVE YOU HAD TO PUT SAVING FOR RETIREMENT ON HOLD? By Damian Davila ( - About one in five Americans isn't[...]
4 Dirty Tricks Used By Student Loan Debt Collectors
Have you fallen prey to a ruthless student loan collection agency? By Bob Sullivan/ ( -  Debt collectors have been known to use[...]
7 Smart Steps For Couples To Build Wealth Together
How financially compatible are you and your spouse? By: Lesley-Anne Scorgie ( -  Money issues are indifferent to your age, gender, sexual[...]
What Entrepreneurs Need To Know About Paying Themselves
Are you paying yourself enough? By: Steph Wagner (  - Jacques Spitzer was having a great run. He’s the founder of Raindrop[...]
Why Women Need To Take Control Of Their Finances
What steps are you taking to manage your financial future?  By Carrie Kirby ( - It may seem patronizing or silly to[...]
How Student Loan Debt Affects Relationships
Is student loan debt putting pressure on your relationship? By: Laken Howard (  -  If you attended college in the[...]
4 Investing Myths You Shouldn’t Believe
Where do you go for investing advice? by MIRANDA MARQUIT ( - One of the best things you can do if you[...]
9 Answers You Need Before Starting Your Own Business
Do you have what it takes to be a business owner? By: Ryan McMunn ( - When considering starting your own[...]
3 Of The Worst Money Lessons Our Parents Passdown
What did your parents teach you about personal finances?  By: Eric McWhinnie ( - In case you haven’t noticed, financial literacy is[...]
Don’t Fall For This Scam If You Have Student Loan Debt
Have you been harassed by fraudulent collection agencies? By: Kevin Collins ( - For millions of college students in the U.S.,[...]
10 Jobs Employers Just Can’t Seem To Fill
Are the employers doing all they can to encourage people to want these jobs? By: Sam Becker ( -  Finding a[...]
5 Reasons Student Loan Consolidation Isn’t For Everyone
Did you make the mistake of consolidating your student loan debt? By: Andrew Josuweit ( - When you’ve graduated college with[...]
How To Tell If Your 401K Is A Good One
How good is your 401(K) plan? By Tim Lemke ( - If you work for a company, there's a good chance that[...]
Why Middle-Income Jobs Are Disappearing The Fastest
Is it safe to say that it may be time to diversify and learn a new skill? by MARTHA C.[...]
8 Financial Wake Up Calls
HOW ARE YOU CORRECTING THESE WAKE UP CALLS? By Mikey Rox ( - Can't seem to get a handle on your finances?[...]
What Top Economists Want Us To Believe About Student Debt
Can we really believe what the economists tell us? By: Bob Bryan ( - President Barack Obama's top economists think that you have the[...]
5 Things That Are Stopping You From Getting Rich
Do you know what's blocking you from building wealth?  By: Sienna Beard ( - We would all love to have extra money,[...]
Why Working Your Way Through School Is A Thing Of the Past
Was college a juggling act for you? By: Leah Arnold-Smeets ( - It used to be that students could work their way[...]
7 Signs You’re Not Earning Enough Money
Are you searching for a way out of your financial rut?  By: Miriam Caldwell ( -If you are constantly struggling[...]
Why A Big Chunk Of Americans Have ‘Negative Wealth’
Are you part of the 15.1% with 'negative wealth'?  By: Chloe Pfeiffer ( - Most people have some debt — payments to make,[...]
3 Money Mistakes Many Freelancers Make
Have you included these in your financial plan? by MIRANDA MARQUIT ( - One of the ways that many people achieve[...]
A Nasty Case Of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”
Do you understand all of your options when it comes to student loan debt? By Annie Waldman( - Some restaurants have secret[...]
10 Basic Financial Formulas Everyone Should Know
Do you know your way around these financial formulas? By: - Finance is all about numbers. Luckily, you don’t have to be[...]
Student Loans And A Perplexing Partnership
You have to wonder what the motives are behind this one, right? By Lauren Camera( - Wells Fargo and Amazon are[...]
11 Mistakes Standing Between And A Million Bucks
Are you holding yourself back from becoming a millionaire?  By: JOHN RAMPTON ( - I've been a millionaire three separate times in[...]
6 Signs You Are Carrying Too Much Debt
Are you overburdened with too much debt?  By Valencia Higuera ( - Many financial experts report that the average household carries[...]
How To Juggle Student Debt And Do What You Love
Have you been able to carve out a little bit of enjoyment while paying down student debt? By: Russ Hryvnak ([...]
3 Simple Steps To Double Your Money
Are you getting the most out of your 401(K)? by Chuck Saletta ( - When it comes to investing, there are very[...]
Student Loan Debt A “Bogus Crisis” – WHAT?
Calling all people with student loan debt, is this crisis bogus? By: CLAUDIO SANCHEZ ( - There's a new book out about[...]
Common Financial Regrets And How To Avoid Them
WHAT REGRETS DO YOU HAVE WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR FINANCES? By: Matthew Frankel / The Motley Fool ( - Three-fourths of Americans[...]
Where The Fallout Of Student Debt Will Land
Do they realize the can of worms they will be opening? By: Bill Bennett ( - Unbeknownst to many, the Department of Education[...]
How To Create Financial Security
How secure are you about your financial future?  By Masood Vojdani ( - Whether you're a millennial just out of college,[...]
Why You Should Return Excess Student Loan Money
How much extra are you paying on student loans from overspending? By Erin Lowry ( - Student loans make it all too[...]
10 Uncomfortable Deeds That Lead To Success
How often do you step out of your comfort zone? By: TRAVIS BRADBERRY( - T.S. Eliot was clearly onto something when[...]
How Naive We Are When Taking Out Student Loans
Can you relate to any of these? by Holly Johnson ( - More than $1.3 trillion dollars, with $2,726 added every second.[...]
Are We Too Pessimistic About The Economy?
Pessimistic, or optimistic, which way are you leaning? by Heather Long ( - The U.S. stock market is at record high, unemployment is[...]
Why You Need To Ignore Your Student Loan Grace Period
Start paying as soon as possible, right? Lenders love that grace period. By: Tom Anderson ( - After walking across the[...]
15 Money Myths That Can Jeopardize Your Retirement
HOW MANY OF THESE MONEY MYTHS HAVE YOU BEEN BELIEVING? By: Debbie Anderson ( - Many Americans are on track to fall short[...]
How To Tell An Entrepreneur From A ‘Wantrepreneur’
Are you an entrepreneur, or a wantrepreneur? By: RAHUL VARSHNEYA ( - How do you justify spending thousands of dollars in building[...]
12 Ways Student Loan Debt Is Stifling Peoples Lives
What dreams have you put on hold due to student loan debt? By: ( - Student loan debt has increased[...]
4 Ways To Harness Financial Self-Discipline
HOW MUCH DISCIPLINE DO YOU HAVE WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR FINANCES? by ALEXA MASON ( - What separates the financially successful[...]
Hope For Anyone Who Has Had A Student Loan Forgiven
Were you hit with a hefty tax bill after your student loan was written off? By: John Sandman ( - People[...]
Why We Are Slaves To Our Debt
WE SURE HAVE BEEN BRAINWASHED HAVEN'T WE? By: M.J. Higby ( -“It was apparent that materialism was in complete control of the economic[...]
6 Lies About Creating Wealth
Do you believe everything you hear, or do you believe in unconventional wisdom? By: Mark Ford ( -  Many commonly[...]
The Scariest Student Loan Number Isn’t Always The Largest
Do you ever wonder why a college education is so expensive? By: DEREK THOMPSON ( -"I feel I kind of ruined my[...]
The Importance Of Reviewing Your Money Goals
ARE YOUR MONEY GOALS STILL ON TRACK? by MIRANDA MARQUIT( - We hear, all the time, about how important it is[...]
What To Do When You Can’t Afford Your Student Loans
Do you understand your options when repaying student loans? By: Kristin Wong ( - Student loans are a sticky topic. Our[...]
The Dark Truth About The $70,000 Minimum Wage Experiment
HOW WOULD A SIGNIFICANT RAISE IN WAGE IMPACT YOUR LIFE? By: Sam Becker( - In 2015, a small Seattle-based payment processing company[...]
Student Loan Relief Could Mean Huge Economic Disaster
Will this amendment pass? By Stephanie Downey ( - In response to pressure from the Obama administration, the Department of Education[...]
How To Deal With Lifestyle Inflation
HAS YOUR SPENDING INCREASED? by David Ning( - Once you trade up, you are never going back. Lifestyle inflation is[...]
Why Student Loan Forgiveness Doesn’t End The Nightmare
Have you been hit with a huge tax bill after having your debt forgiven? By: John Fritze ( - Andrew Wall[...]
7 Legal Ways To Earn Tax-Free Income
WHO LIKES GIVING UNCLE SAM A CUT OF THEIR EARNINGS, RIGHT? By: Sean Williams / The Motley Fool ( - We may be roughly[...]
The Sneaky Way Lenders Are Adding To Student Loan Debt
How much extra debt has interest capitalization added to your student loan balance? By: Teddy Nykiel / NerdWallet ( - Something may be quietly[...]
12 Wealth Building Strategies You Need To Know
WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE THE MILLIONAIRE NEXT DOOR? By: Wes Moss ( -If you haven’t read the book The Millionaire[...]
The Student Loan Problem No One Talks About
What do you have to show for your student loan debt? By: Jillian Berman ( - More than one-quarter of student loan borrowers have[...]
10 Money Lessons From Yoda
7 Items For Your Retirement To-Do List
HAVE YOU ADDED THESE TO YOUR RETIREMENT CHECKLIST? By: Tom Sightings ( - It's difficult to know when you are[...]
The Crippling Impact Of Student Loan Debt On Would-Be Entrepreneurs
Has student loan debt crippled your dream of becoming a business owner? By Matt Lenhard ( - In recent years, young people[...]
8 Rules Worth Breaking To Build Wealth
Would you prefer being right side up and broke, or upside down and rich? By Melissa Ezarik ( - Being "upside down" is[...]
How We Became Student-Debt Slaves
Where did your student loan debt story begin? By: ERIC WESTERVELT ( - Most everyone knows someone adversely affected by student debt:[...]
3 Financial Tips For Side-Giggers And Entrepreneurs
Have you embraced the side-gig economy? by Stacey Tisdale ( - A study by Invoice2go found that more Americans are embracing the[...]
4 Student Debt Horror Stories
Do you have a student loan horror story? BY TYLER O'NEIL ( - Millennials know the story by heart. Work hard in[...]
5 Steps Before Beginning An Entrepreneurial Endeavor
Will you start out on the right foot as an entrepreneur? By: Gerard Adams ( - Nobody is born an entrepreneur. Different people[...]
How America Can Fix Its Student Loan Crisis
Should the U.S. take a cue from Australia? By SUSAN DYNARSKI ( - Americans owe $1.3 trillion in student loans. More[...]
Myths About Wealth You Need To Ignore
WHAT DYSFUNCTIONAL MONEY MESSAGES DID YOU LEARN WHEN YOU WERE YOUNG? By: Sheiresa Ngo( - Have you ever been curious about the key[...]
How Lenders Are Protecting Themselves From Defaults
Are you on the hook for your children's student loan debt? By ANNAMARIA ANDRIOTIS( - Student loans aren’t just for students anymore.[...]
Is “Lizard Brain” Derailing Your Finances?
HAVE YOU TAMED YOUR "LIZARD BRAIN"? By Claire Millard( - When it comes to your personal finances, you're in the driver's seat,[...]
Knowing When To Hire A Student Loan Lawyer
Has your student loan debt become a nightmare? By Melanie Lockert( - Being buried in student loan debt isn’t fun. But[...]
4 Risks Factors That Could Tip The U.S. Into Recession
Are you bracing your finances for a recession? By: JOSH ZUMBRUN ( - Many economists believe the U.S. faces a non-negligible risk of[...]
How Not Understanding Student Loan Vocabulary Can Cost You
Are you confused by some of the student loan vocabulary? By: Betsy Mayotte( - The Student Loan Ranger likes to give[...]
12 Principles Of Goal-Oriented Personal Finance
How do you approach your finances? by Trent Hamm ( - Different people approach personal finance in different ways. Some[...]
5 Student Loan Changes For 2016
Will these changes help you pay off your student loans? By: Andrew Josuweit ( - These days, being an average student[...]
10 States With The Biggest Wealth Gaps
How many people, in these states, hold college degrees that are worthless to them right now? By: Megan Elliott ( - Income[...]
The Real Reason You Can’t Save Money
HOW ARE YOU AT SAVING MONEY? By: Eric McWhinnie ( - Americans are notoriously bad savers. We have such of a hard[...]
Even In Death Student Loan Debt Lives On
Life, death, hardship, it doesn't matter, it's all about the money isn't it? By ANNIE WALDMAN ( Amid a haze of[...]
12 Ways To Wake Up Richer Tomorrow
Have you discovered ways to make some extra cash online? By Tim Lemke ( - Here at Wise Bread, we like to[...]
Student Loan Crisis: How We Got Into This Mess
Have you ever wondered who is profiting from student loans? By James B. Steele and Lance Williams ( - A generation ago,[...]
4 Financial Reasons Not To Share Your Political Views
DO YOU KEEP YOUR POLITICAL VIEWS TO YOURSELF? By Paul Michael ( - We live in a world that makes it incredibly[...]
How High Student Loan Debt Is Crippling Retirement Savings
Will you be able to save for retirement while paying your student loan debt? By: Brian O'Connell ( - Astronomical student loan[...]
5 Ways To Stay Focused On Success
Do you have the focus and perseverance to become an entrepreneur?  By: Michael Noice ( - To be a successful entrepreneur,[...]
The Many Faces Of Student Loan Debt
What is your student loan story?  By Lance Williams ( - ‘A carefully constructed trap’ Hillary Finne says she ran up her[...]
How To Never Fall Into Debt Again
HAVE YOU COMMITTED TO STAYING OUT OF DEBT? by VINCENT KING ( - Many Americans have a dream they’ll never realize: living[...]
5 Careers That Offer Student Loan Forgiveness
Are you willing to work in any of these careers to have your student loan debt forgiven? By Ashley Eneriz[...]
12 Strategies For Simplifying Your Finances
Do you prefer simplicity when dealing with your finances? by: Trent Hamm ( I’ve been writing about personal finance virtually[...]
The Real Culprits Behind The Student Loan Crisis
Is our Government interested in making repayment easier, or are they just adding to the problem? By Carlo Salerno ([...]
10 Ways Wealth Is Created
DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO GET RICH? By: Trent Hamm ( - How do people get “rich”? It’s a[...]
2 Situations That Won’t Get You Out Of Student Loan Debt
Does it feel like you will be saddled with student loan debt for the rest of your life? By Ryan Lane ([...]
12 Personal Finance Skills Everyone Should Conquer
How many of these financial skills have you mastered? By Dr Penny Pincher ( - I was happy to see that my[...]
How To Pay Off Student Loans Without That Degree
Unfortunately, when you decide college isn't the right fit, student loans still need to be paid. By: DEVON DELFINO ( - You’ve[...]
Why You Need A Safety Net
What's your excuse for not having a safety net? By Terry McCoy ( - There are really only two ways to live:[...]
5 Strategic Questions That Help Grow Wealth
What steps are you taking to save for your future? By: Laura Adams ( - Becoming rich doesn’t happen overnight. Unless you win[...]
Why Happy Graduates May Result In Angry Taxpayers
Will you be a happy graduate, or an angry taxpayer? By: - In its final months the Obama Administration is accelerating[...]
Beware: Bad Money Habits Run In the Family
What messages about money did you receive when growing up? By: Megan Elliott( -You got your sense of humor from[...]
6 Very Real Student Loan Forgiveness Options
Will you be using a student loan forgiveness program? By: Megan Elliott ( - Struggling to pay back your student loans? You’re[...]
10 Ways To Build Wealth As A Couple
How well do you and your significant other handle financial issues together? By: Kathleen Elkins ( - Getting married or moving in with[...]
7 Signs You Need To Change Financial Advisors
How trustworthy is your financial advisor? By Maryalene LaPonsie ( - Your financial advisor is supposed to help you build wealth for[...]
Here’s What College Didn’t Teach You About Money
Are you prepared for life after college? by Katie Lobosco( - It may seem like you learned a lot over the[...]
Why You Should Proceed With Caution When Co-Signing Loans
Have you co-signed on a loan, only to regret it later? By ANN CARRNS( - Parents and family members may think[...]
Why Have 43% Of The Jobless Quit Looking For Work?
Have you been unemployed for a long period of time? By: Jeff Cox ( -  Nearly half of unemployed Americans have[...]
How Forgiven Student Loans Impact Your Credit
Sad, but true, we are a slave to our credit score. Has student loan forgiveness affected your credit? By Constance[...]
8 Money Moves That Are Always A Good Idea
Sticking to the basics seems to work the best. by Holly Johnson( - Between the so-called money experts, your family members,[...]
How Student Loan Debt Affects Homeownership
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Student Advocates Battling The Department Of Education
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What’s Harder To Pay Than Credit Cards, Mortgages, And Car Loans?
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Can We Live In A World Without Cash?
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3 Times When Your Student Loan Could Be Discharged
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9 Wealth Building Secrets From Millionaires
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A Whopping 31% of U.S. Govt Assets Are Student Loans
And who do we have to blame for this? by MIKE FLYNN ( - Late last week, the U.S. Treasury Department released[...]
How Beliefs And Vision Create Unstoppable Businesses
How strong is your belief system as an entrepreneur? By: Garrett Gunderson ( - Recently I connected with serial entrepreneur, Woody[...]
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What seems like a solution to your problem, is no solution at all! By: John Wasik ( - Other than[...]
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Relax, Defaulting On Federal Loans Won’t Get You Arrested
Sure there is more to the story, but if you have student loan debt, it does make you uneasy. By Michelle[...]
5 Self-Limiting Beliefs That Keep You Poor
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Student Loan Debt Awaits Solution
What changes would you make in our system to help more people through college without piling on debt? By:[...]
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Which Class Has The Most Student Debt In U.S. History?
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