The Proud Mission Statement

To solve world-class problems affecting a billion people or more through the empowerment of the masses.

OK, there it is. A one-sentence statement that meets the standard people expect when they want you to sum up in one sentence all that you are.

The problem is, we are nothing like anyone else, or any other organization. So, since we gave you what you expected, now we’ll share who and what we are in the only way that we know will state it more thoroughly.

We see our mission as combining the power of people with the power of successful ideas made possible from the experiences of those that have realized the most success humans have ever known… to accomplish goals so large no one ever thought possible.

“Combining the power of people.”

As you’ll see from reading our philosophy on another page, we understand that in order to solve large problems that affect societies, it takes more than one idea or one person.

For one example, it takes 50 million like-minded people to elect a President of the United States. That teaches us that one vote is not enough. But 50 million, it’s done. 

So, our FIRST mission is to create an environment that empowers the individual. How do we do that? By helping them realize their dream, and most people’s dreams are made possible through funding.

In some instances the Foundation will actually offer financial assistance directly to the individual through the form of a grant or gift.

In other instances the Foundation will provide the individual the education and any other assistance necessary for them to financially empower themselves by starting a new business or improving their existing one.

And then in other instances the Foundation will actually provide a job for those that have the talents and skill sets to assist people in these other two categories.

Once the individual is financially-supported and empowered, the next step of empowerment is for the Foundation itself. Through the collaboration of many financially-satisfied individuals able and eager to contribute their time and treasure, our combined power will have the strength and mass to accomplish these larger world-class problems. That’s not only the Proud Foundation’s Mission Statement, but its actual reason for being.


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Proud Foundation Success Stories

I spent an enormous amount of money and digested endless amount of information that lead me nowhere, then I found the Prosperity Roadmap and as the name suggest, you just follow each road sign and become proficient and then move to the next post sign. This is exactly what I needed

David Richards

The Prosperity Roadmap is the real deal and what makes it stand out is the team behind it. The system has showed me all that I need in a step by step format, gave me confidence to take the right action and I am already seeing incredible results. And that is exciting beyond belief

Karen Peled


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